Food Processing and Packaging Technologies

Food processing is the change of crude ingredients into food or different forms by physical or synthetic methods. Food processing merges crude food ingredients to form marketable food items that the consumer can easily prepare and serve. Innovations that are now found in the food industry or related areas are High-pressure processing, pulsed electric fields, ultrasound, and cold plasma. In this Food Science and Technology meeting, Current and potential applications will be examined, focusing on cycle structure-work connections, just as recent advances in the process development.

Food Packaging Technology is needed for guaranteeing safe conveyance of products to the customer in sound condition at an insignificant expense. It is a science, or innovation of preparing nourishments for transport, storage, or deals elsewhere from the aim of production. Packaging guarantees the reassurance of materials of various types by methods for holders intended to separate the substance to some known degree from outside impacts. It is an important a part of food esteem expansion.

  • Edible Packaging
  • Micro Packaging
  • Smart Packaging
  • Anti-Microbial Packaging
  • Water Soluble Packaging
  • Self-Cooling, self-Heating Packaging

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