Single Cell Protein

Single-cell proteins (SCP) are the dried cells of microorganisms, which are utilized as protein supplements in human nourishments or animal feeds. Microorganisms like microbes, algae, parasites, and yeast utilize limited feedstock and wastes as sources of energy for growth to provide biomass, amino acids, or protein concentrate. Since protein represents the quantitatively important a part of the microbiological cells, these microorganisms also are called single-cell protein as natural protein concentrate. With the increased population and overall protein deficiency, the use of microbial biomass as food and feed is more featured. Albeit it's high nutritive value thanks to higher protein, nutrient, essential amino acids, and lipid content, there's an uncertainty to exchange the regular protein sources due to its high nucleic corrosive substance and slower inedibility. They could be considered as unfamiliar material by the body, which can subsequently end in allergies.

  • Production of single-cell protein
  • Single-cell protein processing for food
  • Acceptability and toxicology of single-cell protein
  • Single-cell protein-Filamentous fungi
  • Comparisons of single-cell protein sources

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