Microbiological Aspects of Food Safety

When you hear “food safety,” this is often a natural tendency to think primarily of microbiological issues. Microbiological hazards are one of the foremost major causes of gastrointestinal disorders. Many microorganisms contaminate the foodstuffs which may cause a spread of illnesses. Food is our basic need, can cause scary impacts dirty with pathogenic microbial toxins. Modern food safety has its sources in food preservation methods. These food safety methods of preservation and control are used commonly within the food sector as a part of HACCP plans to regularly produce food for an intake with top quality and safety. Microbiology testing and chemical analysis will still move toward more rapid and sensitive methods and techniques. it's an important sector in many quality and safety programs

  • Physical injury because of freezing, drying, burning, pressure, radiation
  • The activity of indigenous enzymes in plant and animal tissues
  • Chemical changes not induced by microbial or present enzymes
  • Growth and activity of microorganisms: bacteria, yeasts, and molds

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