Food Safety and Control

Food Safety means to decrease the danger of people becoming sick from foodborne illness by proper handling, preparation, and storage of foods. Every food organization uses, processes, and sells food in several ways. the most aim of food safety is to avoid food contamination. no matter why you're managing the food, it's essential that always apply the proper food safety principles. If a food safety system is producing the food as safely as possible 100% of foodborne illnesses are often preventable

An understanding of food safety is improved by defining two other concepts - toxicity and hazard. Toxicity is that the capacity of a substance to provide harm or injury of any kind under any conditions. Hazard is that the relative probability that harm or injury will result when a substance isn't utilized in a prescribed manner and quantity. Hazards are often physical, chemical, and biological causing harmful/adverse effects on the health of consumers.

  • Food safety and quality are often ensured through:
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Good Handling Practices (GHP)
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

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