Tools and Techniques in Food Technology

Due to the fastest-growing technologies and data treatment innovations, new insights into food can be considered. The application of these unique result-oriented techniques belongs to the responsibility of food chemists and analysts. Thereby, there is huge growth in efficiency is based on an improved lower limit of detection (LOD), selectivity to separate analytes of interest, and speed of analysis. The techniques in food sciences are mainly used for analyzing the quality of food

Based on food and the applications of its products ranging from bakery products to dairy and beverages to yield, a wide range of food processing equipment is accessible to execute the different unit operation essential during a complete production cycle, for example, washing, separating, mixing, baking, freezing, and sealing. depending upon the stress of the operation (and the general food processing application), this equipment are often designed and constructed to affect handle solid, semi-solid, or liquid food products by batch or continuously. A portion of the design concerns includes the food-grade material used for construction, hygienic and governmental standards, sizing, cost, and integration of automation or analytical components. Each of those features can impact the performance and effectiveness of the equipment, however, choosing the perfect design and construction is reliant on the specifications and requirements of the specific food processing application.

Types of Food Processing Equipment: the foremost common functions by which food processing equipment are grouped include: Preparation, Mechanical processing, Heat processing, Preservation, Packaging

  • Canning
  • Fermentation
  • Freezing

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